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PRTech invades the USA

PR Technology USA Trip

When it comes to team building at PR Technology, a good trip away for the staff is hard to beat. With Porsche being the featured marque at California’s Monterey Historic Automobile Races this August, we thought we’d head en masse to the USA. While we were out there, the 59th Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance was also happening, so thought we’d pay that a visit too.

Typical of a lot of automotive workshops, we’re a bit heavy on the male gender at PR Technology. We do have our all-round hero Kim flying the flag for the ladies however, and thought we’d get her to report on our California trip from a female perspective.

Kim’s Report:

This was my first trip overseas, and we all had an absolute ball. We had a total of five days out there, and as I was the only lady, it was very blokey as you’d imagine. There were nine of us who set off on the long flight to California, and as far as team morale events go, this had to be the best.

We have an American employee, Donald Welch, and his dad owns a property about 90 minutes from Monterey. He was incredibly generous to put us up for the duration of our stay there, while Don was the perfect tour guide to show us all the sights of the area.

Going to the Monterey Historics was an awesome experience, and I’d happily do it again. It was certainly made very enjoyable by the Flag Room tickets we had, which entitled us to a hospitality tent where you could get lunch and drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. I was able to walk around at my leisure and could retreat to the tent to get out of the heat whenever I needed to.

The atmosphere at Monterey was incredible. You can get so close to the action, and you’re not watching the racing from miles away where you can barely see a thing. We all loved the Porsches of course, and as they were the featured marque this year, enthusiasts from all over had brought their cars and lined them up in all their different categories. The boys could tell you more about what sort of cars were there, but I was most impressed with the range of racing Porsches

being shown.

“About 150 Porsches were entered in the various classes of racing over the weekend, and a special group was displayed in the paddock as well. On loan from the Porsche museum in Germany was a 1960 Type 718 Formula 2 car, a 1962 Type 804 Formula 1 racer, the “Grandma” 1962 Type 718 W-RS eight-cylinder Spyder and the 1998 Le Mans 24-Hours winning GT1 98LM. You could also see a 917/30, a 906 Longtail, 550 Spyder, RS60, 917K, 956C and a newer RS Spyder. In separate display areas you could also find the Jules 936, a 908 Longtail and the Bruce Leven Havoline 962.”

It was off to Pebble Beach next for the Concours event on the 18th hole of the famous golf course. There was millions of dollars worth of cars around, and plenty of rich and famous types. People from all walks of life attended as well, all appreciating the incredible cars parked up in this beautiful place.

It wasn’t all ‘work’ of course. I had a great time seeing the sights in and around San Francisco, including going over to Alcatraz, while the boys all rented Ducatis for some playing. They asked me to go with them, but thought it not in my best interests to risk my life in such a way. I think they like going quite fast…

The people in the USA were all very nice and really helpful. The guy we rented the Ducatis from invited us to his penthouse that had incredible views over San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was really nice of him to do such a thing so we could get some great photos, even if the boys had spent a fortune renting bikes from him!

So what else can I say? A great trip was had by all at PR Technology, and I’m really grateful to have had such an opportunity to travel overseas with the team. Not your average work trip I know, but it’s just one of the reasons working at PR Technology is such a treat. Thanks boys!

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    - by Claire sweeny in November, 2009