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QuikTrak Car Security & GPS Tracking Systems


Keeping track of your car

PR Technology – First and most trusted Australian dealer for QuikTrak

Designed with passenger vehicles in mind, QuikTrak CarWatch technology combines state-of-the-art security, monitoring and tracking with 24 hour operator response. Any attempt to force entry into a vehicle, tamper with ignition, jack up or tow the vehicle will immediately prompt an operator to take instant action. The simple press of a personal alert button brings an immediate high-priority response, 24 hours a day. If your vehicle is stolen, Quiktrak’s Response Centre can remotely immobilise the vehicle, stopping the thief in their tracks. If your battery fails or is disconnected, an alert is sent to Quiktrak’s Response Centre.

QuikTrak systems allow the customer to track their vehicle online, with 60 days backlog of your cars movements; logging speeds, distance, and path travelled.

Giving you peace of mind for your car’s security
  • 24/7 support / response
  • Online self-tracking / logging
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Remote shutdown / immobiliser
  • Shock / impact alert
  • 105dB external siren
  • Low monthly fee

Also available is the simple CarTrak system, offering 24/7 self-tracking and 60 day logging. Perfect for tracking your work fleet or private vehicles.


For a free demo visit quiktrak.com.au and use the following login:
Username: quikdemo
Password: 123456

Unit Prices
Smart Tracker – CarWatch: $499
CarTrack Hybrid – CarTrak: $399
For installation information call PR Technology on (02) 9905 6316

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