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VIDEO: PR Technology’s intensive instruction workshop

PR Technology’s intensive instruction workshop at Wakefield Park was declared by all as a fantastic success, with ten drivers & two instructors working with each other all day with great results.
Theory was first illustrated with a track walk, then put to practice with great effect by rotating drivers with instructors to reinforce techniques.

Pr Tech will be running this kind of workshop again next year, so listen up for dates.

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  1. Hi Richard and Paul,

    I wanted to thank you for putting on this driver training day.
    This was the most rewarding track day I have attended in the many years I have been participating.
    Walking the track with Mike and Bart was an eye opener and the information they shared with us not only on the track but in the classroom was invaluable.
    Also having total access to both drivers helped to reinforce what they had been explaining.
    There was a lot to take in and I am looking forward to getting back on the track and trying to build on what I’ve learned on the day.
    Thanks again and I will highly recommend the day as one of the most effective drive days anyone could do.

    Kind regards,
    Rob Glynn

    - by Rob Glynn in December, 2012
  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the great PR Tech track day at Wakefield on Monday.
    Walking the track with the instructors,the class sessions on the whiteboard and the rotating in-car instruction were incredibly informative.
    The programme created a safe and relaxed environment where we could all take our driving skills to another level.
    I’m looking forward to the next one.


    Bruce Stracey.

    - by Bruce Stracey in December, 2012
  3. Hi Richard,

    Great day out at the track with PR Tech. My first day out with the guys from PR and it was a wonderful experience.

    Took a lot away from the day and think I need to really assess what car I’m going to be using in 2013!

    Can’t wait to the next event.


    - by James in December, 2012