Porsche Specialist

+612 9905 6316

Open Mon to Fri - 8:00am to 5:00pm

13/9 Powells Rd
Brookvale, NSW, 2100



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  1. I would like to register for this day with a donation of $150.

    - by Stuart kipreotis in March, 2014
  2. Hi
    I can bring the 997.2S or Supra Rally car.. Just let me know which is best for the dyno day !

    - by Richard Kimber in March, 2014
  3. Put me down for a donation, sounds like a good cause and a fun day!

    - by scott warren in March, 2014
  4. Priority 1
    Booking please

    - by Joseph Kasses in March, 2014
  5. It is a Porsche club event, however any car will be fine.

    - by prtechadmin in March, 2014
  6. $150 to be the first McLaren 12C on your dyno 🙂

    - by Colin Leung in March, 2014
  7. An excellent day and my first opportunity to see the dyno facility working. All the PRT tricks in one wonderful example of the skill and craft of the PRT team.

    - by Ray Fowler in May, 2014