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Twin Turbo Ginetta G55 GT4!

Ginetta G55 GT4 with a Ford 3.7 litre V6 factory race engine now running G-Series Garrett G25-550 twin turbochargers which were released at SEMA late last year. The exhaust and intake for the system has been custom fabricated here at PR Technology. The plumbing is all custom; we have made stainless hard lines for water-cooling of the turbochargers, stainless oil lines for the oil supply and drainage. To deal with the heat generated in such a compact space we have created custom stainless heat shields to capture the heat from the main exhaust and send it up and out through the bonnet via custom made flue stacks, in addition to further heat shielding to send heat from the turbochargers themselves and funnel the heat out the existing side vents on the car.

PRTech 6288 _DNW6302-Recovered PRTech 6268 PRTech 6273 PRTech 6279 PRTech 6287 PRTech 6308

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