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Custom Build Porsche 911 964 – Pick up day!

The Porsche 964 PR Technology custom #Betterthannew project build is now in the hands of its very proud and happy owner, Ian Philips. The level of quality, detail, and refinement in this car is something to behold, everything was touched and enhanced, resulting in one of the most beautiful Porsche 964 cars on the planet. The crowning glory to this masterclass in modifications is that the car has retained its true form as a type 964. A huge thank you to all who contributed their world-class skills to this very special Porsche! #Porsche #handover #finishline #complete #964 #custom #fabrication #build #Prtechnology #quality #cup #eastcoasttrimshop #tilleyscorporateashrepairs #clearshieldau #duckandwhale #prtechracing

36420332_1275472462555869_8017991350723018752_o 36283373_1275474749222307_5462012860689285120_o 36308735_1275472112555904_4967327564147195904_o 36308874_1275476925888756_6260169323617189888_o 36310083_1275474222555693_6794905185899511808_o 36314494_1275473109222471_1672634103863705600_o 36315105_1275482225888226_8629865233663393792_o 36315113_1275474899222292_8443636735904055296_o The Perfect 964 36320672_1275470889222693_3157411170038579200_o 36324424_1275471135889335_2903539982499053568_o 36331865_1275470662556049_629262852607180800_o 36333273_1275470772556038_533190004768243712_o 36357133_1275471575889291_1765977491396100096_o 36358240_1275477255888723_1081105296320888832_o 36361837_1275471049222677_2788113896060223488_o 36370362_1275475032555612_7349926878800510976_o 36376211_1275470555889393_708883256988139520_o 36379015_1275473802555735_6994223854918828032_o 36394570_1275473629222419_1061973944321441792_o Porsche 964 Custom build

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