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Engine & Transmission Repairs


Porsche engines and transmissions are highly specialised components. We are proud of our reputation in rebuilding, enhancing and maintaining both the air and water cooled variants. We have the equipment, technicians and experience to work with any engine or transmission.

  • Engines & transmissions repaired or rebuilt to original specifications
  • Machining work performed in-house to our exacting standards
  • Custom enhancements and tuning
  • Computer engine analysis
  • Restorations to “like new”
  • Component crack-testing
  • Engine & chassis Dynamometer testing available
  • All work guaranteed

Fuel Injection & Carburettor service

PR Technology can service, restore and tune all Porsche fuel systems from early carburetted models to the latest electronic fuel injected types. We have the equipment, experience and the passion to make every Porsche in our care run perfectly.

  • Carburettor repair, restoration & tuning
  • Mechanical Fuel Injection(MFI) repair, restoration & tuning
  • Continuous Injection System(CIS) repair & tuning
  • Electronic Fuel Injection(EFI) diagnosis, repair & tuning
  • Custom tuning of all original systems to suit modified engines
  • After-market carburettor & fuel injection installation & custom tuning