Track Day - 16th June 2022

16th June 2022
Wakefield Park 
Track Day

The day is run in an open pit lane format, the day has a limited number of entrants to ensure you have plenty of time on the track with an instructor and plenty of room.

The event is held at Wakefield Park Raceway, directions here. A Motorsport Australia licence or AASA day licence is a requirement. Day licences can be purchased here.

We ask that drivers arrive by or before 9:15am and gather in the corporate room for your driver briefing at 9:20am sharp. We start the day at 9:30am ending at 4pm. We provide lunch of sandwiches etc but have no set time to break for lunch, so you can maximise your time on track.

We ask that you not forget your helmets, wear long sleeve non-flammable clothing and be ready for an awesome time!