Apprentice Mechanic position available now at PR Technology

December 21, 2019

Apprentice Mechanic position available now at PR Technology

We are looking for a young, keen, mechanically minded first-year apprentice!
You must want to learn, be part of a big team and move from the ground up in one of Sydney’s premier workshops. The person that takes this amazing opportunity will undertake a 4-year apprenticeship, which entails 4 days at the workshop and 1 day at Tafe. The lucky person will preferably live locally; while qualifications are not needed you must have a passion for mechanics and problem-solving. The multifaceted avenues for learning are immense at PR Technology.
During your apprenticeship you will learn lots of skills you wouldn’t learn at other workshops like; welding, machining, wiring, working on race cars, track support, etc.
**Apply now** by telling us about yourself, your interests and why you want the job in fewer than 300 words.
Email the above and your CV to
Apprentice Mechanic PR Technology
Apprentice Mechanic position PR Technology

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