Team RP968

Let's take a look at the people behind RP968 at PRTechnology.

The nature of the beast makes preparing @RP968 a sprint to the finish each year, which requires massive effort and sacrificed time all of which is poured into the car. 
It is a true team effort to get the 2018 & 2019 WTAC champion to the start line each year.
Here is the PR Tech Racing team behind the car:

Ben Warren
Mitch Favro
Matt Gillmer
Vincent Marc
Anthony Fleming
Bowie Herbert

Paul Jacobsohn
Richard den Brinker

Owner - Rod Pobestek

Driver - Barton Mawer

Acknowledgement of merits are thus:
A standing ovation must go to Ben Warren, who built the mighty 4L inline-four, the billet heart of the car. Ben and Mitch Favro are responsible for all the assembly on the car with the assistance of Bowie and a lot of the technical machining and overseeing.
Vincent Marc has welded and built the whole front of the chassis and modified the car as assembly requires. Vince’s work can be seen in all the steel and aluminium fabrication.
Paul, PR Technologies electrical engineer completed the wiring on the car with the assistance of Anthony Fleming.

Matt Gillmer has the responsibility of taming the beast, with a tune that keeps all forces in sync.

Under team leader den Brinker, Mitch and Ben and the main force driving the build of RP968, together with Vincent, the trio have produced the car that we will see in testing tomorrow.

Starting early, finishing late and working weekends, getting this WTAC car finished for this weekend's big event.

Hats off to the team, we all appreciate the huge effort it takes to get a car like this on the track each October.