Wheel alignment is the direction your wheels are pointing in relation to the centre line of the car. Correct wheel alignment improves safety, handing, tyre life and fuel economy. The perfect setting varies greatly depending on the way your car is driven. A wheel alignment optimised for the race track may result in excessive tyre wear and undesirable handling when driven on normal roads. Factory wheel alignment settings are always a compromise. We can set up your car to suit your driving style; be it spirited driving, an everyday commuter, or a combination of the two.
  • Porsche Motorsport level equipment
  • Factory or improved settings
  • Corner weighting
  • Vehicle predictability, stability and driver confidence enhancements
  • Optimised tyre performance
  • Custom setups relevant to each driver’s requirements
  • Expertise in spring rates, alignment settings, shock types, valving and all suspension setup options
  • All Porsche suspension repairs
PR Technology Suspension


PR Technology Suspension