Barton Mawer Motorsport Interview

Barton Mawer Motorsport Interview

We grab a word with @RP968 Driver Bart (Barton Mawer Motorsport) after the early testing session on Thursday WTAC 2019.

"So there have been some massive changes on the car, what the team has produced this year is far from fronting up again with the winning 2018 car that we saw last year. While it might look shape-wise the same on the outside (livery aside) we basically had the front and the rear of the car chopped off and built again. So that's probably the biggest fundamental changes we've done to the car since the car was built - which might seem a little absurd considering our win last year... Yet staying true to Rod's vision to end up at 'ultimate speed', there had to be some short term sacrifices.

That's why we were only at the track today, one day before the event - at the official practice session. It's not ideal when talking about track time. But the RP968 team had made such large changes to the car and gone for another leap rather than smaller tweaks on last years car.

The car feels fundamentally good, with just a few shakedown laps completed, we are already in the low twenties, which is the quickest with been early on, so we are on the right path.

We are already making some decent changes, with this new setup, there was going to be a natural tuning process and that's where we will get the time gains.

The drive itself, the changes to the structure of the front rails and suspension points, along with the rear tube chassis have led to a 2019 car that is noticeably more reactive to my steering inputs, which is a combination of the suspension changes and the weight distribution change, in moving the engine. The engine is strong, it’s raspier and sounds different with this setup. So far so good."


It was a shock to all to see Pro-Class legend Under Suzuki crash his iconic Scorch Racing S15 during testing and Under was taken to hospital. Recent news tells us he is OK. We hope the team can repair the car and we can see him compete in WTAC2019.

Later in the day, a tyre delamination saw RP968 spin with no significant damage.

The 991 RACING / PR TECHNOLOGY PR Technology prepared Twin Turbo Ginetta driven by Richard Perini was strong in ProAm Class.


Image Gallery of the #WTAC 2019 testing day courtesy of Lee from Duck & Whale - Porsche culture magazine

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