October 01, 2019


For the FIRST TIME EVER a Porsche has taken out the competition at the World Time Attack Challenge!

Taking out first place in the 2018 World Time Attack Challenge ROYAL PURPLE PRO class; The RP 968, with driver Barton Mawer, have smashed the competition. Mawer set a ‘sub 20’ with a scorching 1 min 19.825 second lap in the Pro RP968 Porsche 968 – a new benchmark for WTAC and only seven tenths of a second off the outright track race lap record. Taking to the podium with a grin from ear to ear Barton remarks “As wild as it looks is as wild as it is to drive.”

Check out the in-car of Barton Mawer’s blistering new record set in the RP968 Porsche with a 1:19.8250 CLICK HERE

After visiting the 2014 World Time Attack Challenge, Sydney’s own Rod Pobestek began the design for the Porsche 968. The extraordinary build process took off quickly from there. Pobestek has faced few limitations by way of regulations and has spared no expense in building an aerodynamic masterpiece. The original RP 968 is almost unrecognizable; modified by the team at the Porsche specialist workshop PR Technology.
The team have worked ferociously day and night in the run up to the event; the results of which were clear to see.

“Our goal is probably pretty much the same as every other top tier team competing:
to be faster than everyone else.” – Rod Pobestek

An outrageous result has sparked so much excitement at the event and in homes of supporters all over the country.

Check out the sparks flying around the track CLICK HERE

“It is pretty amazing isn’t it, this has been a long time coming – those who have been following World Time Attack Challenge will know this car is in its fourth year now, we have known its potential, we have talked about it, it has been written about, so to finally do a ‘sub-20’ which we thought it would have in it is amazing,” – Barton Mawer

It will not stop here though, with rain wreaking havoc on the track throughout the event and engine hiccups along the way there is room for even more improvement on the astonishing time already set.

“I ran wide at Turn 9 and there’s still some improvements in the brakes,” Mawer said. “There’s more, there’s more.”

Thank you to all our supporters, we are all looking forward to seeing the RP 968 again in next years World Time Attack Challenge.
This time, defending it’s title…

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World Time Attack 2018 - 8th-13th October 2018