PR Technology technician and project lead Ben Warren talks us through this extensive 991 Turbo S 911 upgrade to TECHART GTstreet R project.

The TECHART GTstreet R really is a full-on upgrade, it’s not just a visual upgrade, it is whole car.
The first thing of note is the number of elements you got in the kit, it was truly impressive and this set the tone for the next 250 hours we spent building the car.

On arrival of the kit we spent the better part of a day just sorting the 1.2 tonne of freight, into sections of the car, this grouping broke the job down and worked to make the project less overwhelming, it gave us a starting point and a plan to work through.

The TECHART GTstreet R kit does come with very detailed instructions, 161pages of in-depth guidance, which combined with a strong knowledge of this Porsche model made the job run as smoothly as anyone could hope for on such an intricate build.

Talking through the process, starting at the front worked to pull out all the internal parts of the original front bar, like the headlight washers, active aero, air ducts etc. and then fit them to the new Carbon bar front section. The fenders were essentially a skin, which required removing the mounting points off the original fenders and attaching them to the carbon GTstreet R fenders, which was an extensive job to drill out the riveted fender attachments and headlight mounts from the factory and use them in the fitment process.

The side skirts were a great fit and went on without fuss, the GTstreet R package has carbon mirrors which required disassembly of the factory mirrors to get the mirror glass, motor and everything else out of the standard 911 Turbo S housing and mount it all into the new carbon housing.

The engine lid is a complete replacement panel, which has two sections, the wing mounts and the lid itself. The rear wing uses the Porsche Turbo S hydraulic ram and required fitment to the extended, taller TECHART housing, which enables the higher reach of the rear wing.

The rear bumper required a removal and transition of the tech like the rear parking sensors and lights into the new carbon pieces, which was straightforward but needed time invested.

Honestly, TECHART does a really good job of utilising the factory Porsche parts as best they can, which means the quality is high and the kit itself is cost effective.

Onto the interior trim, the new pieces fit really nicely and were installed smoothly, the instrument cluster faces and steering wheel were more involved jobs, which we used our instrument technician to complete fitment.

The wheels came with tires inflated with the tire pressure monitors installed.

The kit was extremely good quality, by far the best aftermarket parts I’ve fitted, it is not uncommon to spend the same installation time again fixing an ill-fitting kit to a car. From the first panel on this TECHART GTstreet R upgrade, everything just worked; it was as a Porsche should be.

In summary, we love it, the GTstreet R was an extensive job but we are very happy and proud of the overall finish of this rare upgraded Porsche.

There are only 26 GTstreet R’s in the world and this is the only one in Australia, making it a very special car indeed.

A word on the build from Scott, the proud owner of this rare beast. Follow him on Instagram here: @sk_cars_sydney

1.tell us about what inspired you to create the amazing Car?

I had owned the stock 991 Turbo S for some time and had made a few changes over the years. Originally just getting the car wrapped blue (it is actually black) and then I started to look for performance parts. I heard great things about PR Technology and their experience with all Porsche models so I contacted them to see what they could offer. They suggested I look at TECHART and I proceeded with a power upgrade kit, which included a new exhaust system and chip boosting the car up to 640hp. After driving the upgraded car I caught the bug and wanted even more power. I did some research on other TECHART products and after consulting them directly they asked if I would be interested in their GTstreetR program which is a 1 of 30 full rebuild kit for the 991 Turbo S boosting the car up to 720hp and 920Nm of torque. I researched the car and came across a few reviews and knew that was exactly what I was after. After which I knew the only company right for the build would be PR Technology so I contact them about the rebuild and they arranged the rest!


2. Now this dream machine is finished give the Street R a quick review from an owners perspective?

Insane, amazing and crazy are just a few words to describe it. The car goes from 0-100 in 2.5 seconds so testing out the launch control was certainly fun. You get all this with the refinement of Porsche so you could still daily drive this car and take the kids to school as it is a 4 seater car. Putting this much power into a 911, the 991 Turbo S is definitely the right 991 model to go with as the AWD system can handle the power and keep the car firmly stuck to the road. To top it off the extreme looking body kit and colour certainly gets plenty of attention!
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Thanks for reading – PR Technology – building dreams.