Steve Shelley speaks about One Raceway - TWO CIRCUITS, ONE RACEWAY

Steve Shelley speaks about One Raceway - TWO CIRCUITS, ONE RACEWAY

Welcome to the future of motorsport. Racers, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike will find their pace on our dual-direction circuit. This is not just innovation; it's a revolutionary leap for Australian racing.


It's been a thrilling 3-month sprint as we've worked closely with our neighbours, Goulburn Mulwaree Council and our avid motorsport community to craft a future that balances the needs of our local community, yet will still deliver an extraordinary racing experience and a much needed economic boost to the region.

‍We've got the official nod, our roadmap is council-approved and ready to roll out.


One Raceway, a name that encapsulates our passion to bring everyone together with a genuine sense of unity, community and respect.

Hold tight, we’re aiming to launch One Raceway the first half of 2024.


In a move that redefines Motorsport for an entire generation, we're introducing an Australian first: a dual-direction circuit. This isn't just big, it's monumental. Each track will bear its own identity—unique names, individual records, and distinct vibes. Forget packing up your car for a different experience; at One Raceway, the next thrill is just a lap away. This game-changing feature is set to challenge even the most seasoned racers while offering spectators a viewing experience like never before.


Dialling down the noise, amping up the views

Our southern noise wall is almost across the finish line, and the northern counterpart is well underway. These aren't just barriers; they're vantage points for fans. And rest assured, we're keeping noise levels capped at 95dB.

A nod to safety, a leap in innovation

After consults with Motorsport Australia and Motorcycling Australia, we're implementing safety features that aren't just essential—they're innovative. Think revamped pit exits, improved track corners, international-grade light panels, and advanced timing systems that have the industry buzzing.

Built to last, ready for any weather

We've bypassed quick fixes in favour of a complete circuit resurfacing. What's next? Advanced drainage systems to keep our track race-ready, come rain or shine.

We're listening, we're improving

We're not just sprucing up the asphalt; we're amplifying your overall experience, starting with a freshly resurfaced paddock. And keep that feedback coming, because we're making facility-wide improvements tailored to your insights.


We're calling on you—our community of enthusiasts—to volunteer. We're fully committed to getting One Raceway up and running as soon as possible, and your involvement will bring this track to you sooner. Whether you have trade skills, a love for motorsport, or simply a desire to be part of this journey, your contribution will push us closer to the finish line.