The Surface Finishing

The Surface Finishing

Our Fuchs wheels are characterised by numerous optical and technical special features.

The perfection lies in the surface finish. The finishing, e.g. turning, drilling and deburring is followed by the polishing process. The Fuchsfelge achieves its typical and inimitable surface appearance through the anodizing. The polished surface of the Aluminium will be transformed into a silk-gloss and corrosion resistance surface.

After further multi-stage cleaning and pre-treatment steps, the wheel gets its characteristic

finishing: the hand-painted black matt lacquer.

About more than 50 individual work steps later: It starts with a shapeless aluminium block and all ends up with the "birth“ of an unmistakable, forged Fuchsfelge - ready to accompany its driver for decades.

Individuality for your Fuchsfelge. We have no possibility to realise individual colour preferences for the Fuchs wheels. Therefore we offer the surface variant “nature“. The anodised layer of the 17“, 18“ and 19“ Fuchs wheels could easily be painted in your desired colour by your trusted external company. There is no need for any additional pre- or post-treatment except a careful degrease.


The surface:

Spokes “black“

P{olished, silk-gloss anodised outboard rim; disc base and rim star hand-painted in matt black

Spokes “silver“

Polished, silk-gloss anodised outboard rim and star; disc base and rim star hand-painted in matt black

Wheel “nature“

Polished, silk-gloss anodised wheel (outboard rim, disc base and rim star)