PR Tech can engineer an appropriate engine management solution to suit any application. When an engine has been modified beyond the scope of the factory electronics or upgraded systems are implemented that require detailed tuning, an advanced aftermarket engine management system is required.

EMTRON PR Technology

Apart from the tuning possibilities, most of these systems also have a data logging capability that provides invaluable driver training and maintenance information.

PR Technology Motech

PR Tech fabricates wiring and performs installations using aviation or mil-spec hardware. We also create user and car friendly lap timer and rally computer solutions for all models.

  • Allows infinite tuning possibilities
  • Monitoring of critical engine statistics
  • Logging of engine & system performance
  • Recording of vehicle & driver performance for optimisation & training
  • Installation and design of ABS brake systems & launch/ Traction control
  • Other custom configurable options

RP968 PR Technology - Barton Mawer