Race Brakes

Porsche is respected as one of the few manufacturers that fit brakes suitable for racetrack use. In good condition and with suitable brake fluid, most standard Porsche models can be taken on the race track without problems.

With performance tyres or other enhancements, the standard brakes can reach their limit. At this point, upgraded hardware such as brake pads, discs & callipers are required.
We can fit a balanced brake package suitable to your needs.

  • Flushing & bleeding of brakes with high quality ATE Super Blue Racing fluid
  • Up-rated brake pads that operate at higher temperature ranges for better bite and less fade under motorsport applications
  • Road legal steel braided flexible brake lines for improved feel
  • Up-rated motorsport discs options with greatly extended life
  • Calliper upgrades for more powerful braking and improved pedal feel
  • Dual master cylinder conversions allowing brake bias adjustment even with ABS
  • Brake pad milling & disc machining
  • ABS installation & optimisation



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