PR Tech uses a different approach to race engines.

In collaboration with our engineers, who are recognised as world leaders in metal fatigue and stress analysis, we have developed our own engine analysis software. Utilising our machine shop, this allows us to confidently engineer engines to exact tolerances. For example, without guessing we can build an engine for an inexperienced driver that can withstand a wrong gearshift without damage. Our customers’ data logs prove it works.

Utilising engine and chassis dynamometers we can experiment with all mechanical configurations, as well as the usual tuning parameters, to optimise your race engine to your driving style. We can custom tune any Porsche engine, whether carburetted, mechanical, continuous or electronic fuel injected to suit any application.

 PR Technology RSR Rockers

PR Technology - Porsche 911 Engine

PR Technology Ginetta custom engine

Our engine services:

  • Advanced engine design & analysis software
  • Building of all Porsche race engines from historic air-cooled to current models
  • Dyno tuning (engine and chassis)
  • Custom tuning for carburettors, mechanical and electronic fuel injection systems
  • Continuously variable camshaft fitment to engines
  • Supercharger installations and turbo and upgrades including variable vane
  • Traction control, ABS installations & configuration
  • Custom exhausts, inlet manifolds, intercoolers, piping and duct work for all applications


PR Technology Turbo Engine

PR Tech can repair or upgrade all Porsche transmission components to suit the intended use and available budget. Decades of experience, and access to genuine, aftermarket and our own componentry, allow us to offer performance alternatives.

Our Transmission services:

  • Gearbox repairs & adjustment
  • Gearbox upgrades & ratio selection
  • Limited slip & standard differential fitting & setup
  • Sequential gearboxes and dog upgrades
  • Crack-testing of componentry
  • Driveshaft/ C.V joint improvements & repair
  • Up-rated clutches
  • Superior lubricants


PR Technology Gearbox
PR Technology Albins Gearbox RP968