At last, a replacement Alternator for the Porsche 911 that is based on New Bosch Components. Save time, money and hassles by replacing the troublesome French units with a new unit that is designed to perform.

They feature
  • Rugged construction
  • High load bearings
  • Internal Regulators
  • 95 amp output
  • Low cut in speed
  • Zenner diode rectifier plate
  • Simplified fitting
  • 12 month warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

K3 Alternators are intended as a complete replacement unit for the original fitment alternators, for cars from 1965 through to 1989. They are NEW, and come complete, ready to install, with detailed fitting instructions that cover all years. As they are new, there is no requirement to return any cores for a deposit refund. This avoids the possible situation where your returned core is rejected and the deposit you have paid is withheld.

All units are standard with internal regulators. This simplifies the fitting and eliminates the need to check the compatibility of your existing regulator to the replacement unit. This feature also allows for the removal of the external regulator for the relay board mounted in the engine compartment.

The 95 amp rating is also standard and simplifies the replacement, as there is no need to source the same unit as was fitted. In most cases, this is a higher output than the original. This is ideal if your car has been fitted with accessory driving lamps or a monster stereo.

The application of this alternator is by identification of the fan ring to which it mounts. This method has proven far more reliable than any other means. This is a most useful feature when you have an engine that has been modified, or is not the original type for the cars year model. It also allows you to check which application you will require without dismantling anything on your motor

PR Technology stock all variants of K3 alternators, check below for correct type to fit your vehicle.

Fan ring number alternator type All types are $1030 inc GST
901 106 101 0R 27
901 106 101 5R 27
930 106 101 0R 30
930 106 102 0R 30
930 106 102 2R 32
930 106 102 3R 32
930 106 102 4R 32
Alternator type